NeoGraft® Automated Hair Transplant System Consultation
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NeoGraft® Automated Hair Transplant System Consultation

Initial consultation for Weight Management Treatment. The patient has a choice of Virtual or In-person Consultation.

$50 consultation fee will be credited towards your purchased service at the time of visit.


To many, a full head of hair represents attractiveness and desirability both personally and professionally. For this reason, it is vital to understand what effects a hair restoration procedure can have on your daily interactions with people and in all other aspects of your life. Hair Restoration should be unnoticeable to all, but those you tell.

The facts are that 50 million men and about 30 million women suffer from male/female pattern baldness or thinning hair (AAD). Due to the current job market competition and escalating social media, awareness about hair loss seems to be at an all-time high. The good news is that with today’s minimally invasive hair transplant techniques results couldn’t be more natural.

Many potential patients shy-away from (or are not candidates for) the traditional “strip method” of hair replacement because of the slow recovery time, the loss of feeling at the incision site, the tiny linear scar on the back of the head, or the amount of post-operative pain involved.

This game changing technology uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method utilizing the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation System, a much more desirable option because of the vast benefits this less invasive technique offers.  The FUE method removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings of about 1-4 hairs and are then placed in the areas of the scalp where balding has occurred. 

Top 10 Reasons to Choose NeoGraft®

  • Least invasive procedure for hair transplantation
  • Patients feel little to no discomfort
  • No stitches or staples
  • No unsightly linear scar
  • No numbness where the donor hair is harvested
  • Quick recovery time
  • Natural looking results
  • Less activity restrictions after procedure
  • Patients can typically go back to work the next day
  • Flexibility for any hair style of your choice, short or long
More Information
  • Superior Results – Natural looking results allowing hair to be worn short or long for both men and women.
  • Advanced Technology – Automated Technology, least invasive procedure for hair transplantation.
  • Gentle – Little to no discomfort. No scalpel incision. No staples. No unsightly linear scar .
  • Quick Recovery Time – Minimal downtime, patients can typically go back to work the next day.
  • Effective – Less activity restrictions than traditional strip methods.
  • Affordable.

What is NeoGraft®?

NeoGraft® is a new automated hair transplant system which facilittes the harvesting of follicles during a follicular-unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant, dramatically improving the accuracy and speed over previously used manual extraction instruments.

What is an "FUE" Hair Transplant?

"FUE" or "Follicular-Unit Extraction" is an advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant method which allows for the harvesting of individual follicles from the donor area without a scalpel incision or the necessary stitches, and therefore leaves no linear scar.

What are the main benefits of FUE over the "strip" surgery?

It is well accepted that FUE transplants heal faster and more comfortably than linear incision harvest techniques using a scalpel and requiring stitches. With FUE, once healing is complete, the patient has the option of wearing a very short haircut without the worry of a tell-tale linear scar. Without the need for stitches, downtime is shorter with fewer activity restrictions immediately after the procedure.

Are the final transplanted results any different with FUE/NeoGraft® than those achieved with the "strip" surgery?

Results are similar. FUE procedures, by default, yield grafts that contain mainly one to four follicles called "follicular units." "Strip" harvests, which are microscopically dissected by a team into grafts of one, two or three follicles, would also yield similar "follicular-unit" grafts. Provided that in each case the grafts are implanted with care, artistry and precision into the recipient area, the final transplanted results with FUE would be similar, if not identical, to those of an accomplished surgeon performing the "strip" harvest. The difference is not in the area of hair growth, but how the donor area is harvested, either by a strip of scalp or by small individual graft extractions.

Is FUE/NeoGraft® suitable for both men and women?

Yes. Because FUE/NeoGraft® is a minimally-invasive procedure, it is a viable option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair with transplantation.

Am I a good candidate for a procedure using FUE/NeoGraft®?

The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for hair transplant using FUE/NeoGraft® is a one-on-one consultation with our practice.

Treatment Type Hair Transplant
Treatment Problem or Condition Hair Loss
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Assuming that you have used various vitamins, laser lights and topicals that can be used to stimulate hair growth directly in the scalp, it may be necessary to do a hair transplantation to fill in the gaps that were not filled in by these products. Thus, hair transplantation becomes an option at this point in time. Generally, anybody with healthy skin and good health in general is a candidate for this type of procedure, which is regarded as a low-risk minimally invasive procedure. Chronic health problems such as diabetes, hepatitis, and significant cardiac disease may create some problems in doing this type of procedure without complications.